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Published: 542 days ago

China video

My 6 months journey in China from RIK on Vimeo.

This is some of the footage I shot in China. It is my first time using a DSLR camera and unfortunately I did not have any extra equipment, so I hope you enjoy it even though it might be a bit shaky.

Camera: Canon 600D
Lenses: Tokina 11~15mm F2.8
Canon 50mm f1.8

Edited in Premiere CS3 and post work in After Effects CS3.

Published: 749 days ago

Bye bye China!

I am finally out! I left China on the 2 of July to Osaka, Japan! Getting on that plane was a big relief for me. The last couple of months in China has not been pleasant.

I do not have so much time to write this time so I will just give you all some pictures from my last week in Shanghai . I will try to update the blog soon with pictures from Japan.

They really take good care of their animals in China, ai? :-/

Published: 775 days ago

Living in Hangzhou!

I have moved to Hangzhou to live with my cool friend Filip who studies Chinese and have done so for the past 2 years. We share a 2 room apartment and we will probably be awake during the nights since the European football cup has just started. They broadcast every match on the Chinese television for free!!

When I moved out of my apartment the landlord tried to trick me. She wanted to keep my deposit for 1500 RMB which is about 1700 in Swedish crowns. If it was not for my Chinese friend Jamie (Thanks!) who talked on the phone with the landlord for over 1 hour I would not have been given my money back. In general people here always try to get more money from you and when you lived here for a while it starts to feel a bit annoying. I moved out 1 month earlier and I left the apartment much much much more clean then when I got it. *Sigh*

Everything is much easier and more fun now when I live with Filip. I think I would have become crazy if I had to stay in Nanjing on my own. I have also met some new friends here in Hangzhou and yesterday I was at an art exhibition by art students with Julan and Yoko. Julan is a funny South Korean guy and Yoko his girlfriend, is from Japan. I got some great tips about what to do in Japan and now I can also say some useful Japanese words. It is great for my upcoming trip to Japan the 2 of July, can’t wait!

Oh! By the way, Madagascar 3 is a great movie. I recently saw it in the cinema. Had no expectations but it really blow me away! :]

Published: 786 days ago

Just a tree sketch…

Published: 793 days ago

Shanghai again

Before Beijing we stayed three days in Shanghai. One of the things we did was going to the ocean aquarium. It was really horrible and the animals were treated very badly. We also went to the tall tower that was used in the recordings of Mission Impossible 3. The last night we went to the Jazz club and we had a great time with live music.

Published: 794 days ago

The great wall!

I went to Beijing with Filip, his girlfriend Evelyn and his mother Cecilia. One of the days we climbed the great wall at a non tourist area. This is the first thing that really impressed me here in China. The weather and views was really nice.

Published: 802 days ago

My castle

This is my castle in Beijing for the coming 6 days. :]

Published: 821 days ago


All right, we took the bus at 5 am from Nanjing to Huangshang. The trip took about 5 hours and when we arrived we enjoyed a waterfall area with nice bamboo trees. Later on we took the bus again to our hotel and on the way we stopped at a tea shop. The province Anhui that Huangshang is located in is very famous for its tea. I bought a big package!

When we came back to the hotel we had dinner and after that we went to bed. Early the next morning we took a bus to the bottom of the mountain and started climbing the stairs (Huangshan is known for its stone steps, carved into the side of the mountain, of which there may be more than 60,000 throughout the area).

For over 5 hours with a lot of luggage and with a big box of tea I walked without any long brakes (I did not know that I had to carry all of my luggage as I thought that we would leave it at the hotel). When we finally came to the top and I thought that we were going to rest they told me that we would continue walking. Up and down we went until dawn. Then we checked in at a hotel situated high up in the mountains.

The next morning we got up at 4 am and started walking again. We watched the sunrise with 100′s of other people and then we walked around all day long until it was time to go home.

I met a lot of great people and we had great fun. So far this is my best experience in China. I have become very good at climbing stairs. :]

Published: 825 days ago

Going on trips!

Bing, a Chinese friend here in Nanjing invited me to go on a trip with him and his friends to Huangshan this Saturday. More information about the place can be found here. I hope we will get lucky with the weather so I can take awesome pictures and really get good use of my wide Tokina lens.

This image is from Wikipedia:

Also next weekend Filip and I will go to Shanghai for shopping and sightseeing. Feels good to finally go on some trips!

Published: 828 days ago


Today we went fishing! One hour drive from Nanjing. :]